Recent Web Design

  • Magento Eshop - this is an online clothing shop which is under construction.  It is specifically targeting the Zambian population. While the owner lives in the UK, family members in Africa run the shop on the ground while the online shop does all the hard work of taking in the orders! Magento 2 is the go-to shop for online retail and it does the job nicely here.
  • Remon Keriakos - Remon Keriakos, consultant gynaecologist.  This website is a hero website for Dr. Remon Keriakos to let people know about his services as a gynaecologist in the Sheffield, UK area.  It features a full-page slider and uses responsive design meaning that it is able to adapt to being readable on any device whether desktop computer, ipad/tablet, or mobile phone.  The font-size, navigation, pageview, etc adapt to make the site readable without the user having to scroll sideways or magnify the font in order to use it and read it.  This is vitally important in today's market when so many sites are being viewed on mobile phones.
  • Birthlight Forums - a web site which functions as the online community section of Birthlight's larger web site. This design utilizes the brilliant "Community Server" software package and was then tailored to the Birthlight organization.
  • BSPOGA - we were called upon to design this site when the British Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Andrology needed a remake and a conference site. So, in the interest of time we embedded the conference site into the main site. This site sports its own ecommerce shop (e-shop) where you can buy membership which then grants you access to portions of the site which you would not have otherwise (e.g. discussion forums). In-built is the ability to pay for and sign-up to the annual Scientific Meeting (online booking).
  • Ampika - designed with Polish graphic artist Dorota Heczko-Sobieralska. This website helped Dr. Francoise Freedman and Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds to launch the startup business, Ampika, by giving it a professional look and feel along with effective functionality to spread the word about the new startup. It utilizes the "Share it!" widget and takes advantage of the slick jquery flash on the front page. 
  • Theatrics - redesign of our original site. The site uses an integrated flash movie as its header in the homepage. It has also integrated ITunes.com in order to allow users to easily download the songs they are learning. It boasts an especially slick photo gallery that is very user-friendly and easy to use. The client uses Contribute 3.0 in order to update the content of the site themselves.
  • Excel Music Schools Ltd - a web site for managing director Stephen Mansfield whose business is providing music and performing arts for schools. Check out the excellent work Steve and his group do in various schools in England. 
  • Theatrics Stage School web site for this stage school for students - full design. Another quick-loading site due to its use of new web design technology, cascading style sheets (css), yet also sports graphical depth which is unusual to the commonly flat designs of css sites.