Anti-Virus Protection

Computer viruses can affect businesses and organizations in many ways.  Research says that 74% of companies are attacked each month by at least one virus.  A survey in 2006 said that Americans lost $8 billion due to computer viruses, spyware and phishing scams in the previous two years to the survey.  

What Computer Viruses can Do

Computer viruses can:

  • slow down your computer thus impeding work
  • corrupt filesystesms and files thus losing work
  • cause programmes to run in a faulty manner
  • damage a boot sector of a computer and prevent it from booting
  • steal information from your computer
  • wipe a hard disk drive clean
  • encrypt a computer's hard drive

What Cost Computer Viruses Can Have

The impact on businesses is :

  • loss of work time for employees who cannot access their computer
  • loss of worktime during the downtime it takes to clean up the computer virus and for the expertise necessary to clean up the virus
  • loss of data could result in high costs to recover destroyed data especially if there are no backups

So, it's better to be proactive than reactive and wait until a virus has done its damage.  Contact us now for help with virus protection.